Fair Information

Looking for more information about the Minnesota State Fair? Here are some helpful links:

Minnesota State Fair official website:


The Minnesota State Fair official website is the best source for information about the Fair. Their site is easy to navigate and comprehensive. Be sure to check it out to answer any common questions you may have about your visit to the Fair.

2018 Fairly Unbalanced New Foods and Beverages List:


One of the main draws for attending the Fair each year is trying the new class of new foods and beverages on offer. The announcement of the upcoming new foods is a newsworthy event in Minnesota, several months ahead of the Fair itself. Not all are winners; some don’t even survive to the next year’s Fair. However, the novelty and innovation makes for intrigue as vendors battle each other for just a portion of the Fairgoers’ funds in a crowded field. This list covers all this year’s newest offerings, including descriptions, locations and availability; prices will be made available once the Fair begins on August 23rd.

2018 Fairly Unbalanced Blue Ribbon Bargain Book Guide:


The Blue Ribbon Bargain Book is a coupon book with 150 deals sold each year at the Fair for vendors throughout the Fairgrounds. The Bargain Book is available for $5 at Cub Foods grocery stores or at gift shops and carts throughout the Fairgrounds. This guide helps you better navigate the deals by category, location and percentage savings. Happy savings!

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