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The Minnesota State Fair is the top event of each summer, twelve days of non-stop fun that has capped off the season for several generations of Minnesotans. With over 300 acres of Fairgrounds, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and each year brings new foods and attractions to add to the established favorites and timeless traditions.

If you are a Fair beginner, I hope to serve as your guide to the best of what the Fair has to offer, steering you towards the best experiences and the most helpful tips to make your visit to the Great Minnesota Get-Together the best possible experience. If you’re a Fair veteran like myself, I hope you utilize my reviews of the newest foods to navigate a crowded field of options and look for the numerous off-the-beaten-path gems that will make your next visit to the Fair special.

I ate all the food!

A little bit about me: 2018 will be my 31st Minnesota State Fair! I attended my first Fair in 1988 at less than one month old, and I have attended the Fair every year of my life. In my family, the Fair is the ultimate tradition; attending multiple days each year and going all day each time. In recent years, I have logged an average of 40+ hours at the Fairgrounds each year, making it something like a full time gig for those wild 12 days each year. I try to not miss any inch of the Fair each year, with special attention paid to any new foods offered by the numerous vendors, but with appropriate reverence for all my classic favorites. My obsession with all things Fair borders on a little bit unhinged and obsessive, hence the site name Fairly Unbalanced; I hope to turn this site into a productive and useful outlet for my passion.

During the 12 days of the Fair, this site will feature reviews of that year’s newest class of foods and beverages, as well as daily highlights of concerts and events for the coming day. But when the gates close for the final time on Labor Day, this site will continue to work the State Fair beat, providing features, news and analysis on what’s planned for next year’s Fair.

Thank you for joining me here at Fairly Unbalanced, and enjoy the Minnesota State Fair!

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