Review: Carnitas Taco Cone from San Felipe Tacos

Some of this year’s longest lines for a new food belong to the San Felipe Tacos stand along the east wall of the Food Building, with regular queues that stretch down the hallway past several neighboring booths. Don’t confuse this line for an indication of high demand for the new product; while this inventive taco cone is worthy of merit, the line is created by inefficient and exceptionally slow service. These cones seem to be far too labor-intensive to cook and prepare to serve for a Fair that demands foods that are ready to go quickly.

Fortunately, after your long wait in line, the food you receive is at least enjoyable. A good portion of juicy shredded carnitas is blended with a refreshing cabbage slaw, along with sour cream, green onions, queso fresco, and a flavorful sesame soy ginger garlic sauce that ensures these ingredients don’t dry out. The cone is light and flaky, and a fun serving vessel, but a disjointed experience from the ingredients it holds; there is no practical way to get some of the cone in the same bite as the meat and veggies. The carnitas at the bottom of the cone, where all the juices have funneled down, was particularly delicious, making this a finish-every-bite delight.

For $10, it’s a fine value for the serving size you receive, if you deem it worth the lengthy wait. We waited over 30 minutes in line, which took a sizeable chunk of time out of our Fair day. If they cut the wait times down by simplifying their process to create it or staffing up, there would be very little against this unique take on a Fair taco.

Ratings (0-5):

  • Taste: 4
  • Appearance: 4
  • Novelty: 4
  • Value: 2

Overall Score: 14 out of 20 (Fairly Fresh)

Categories 2019 Minnesota State Fair, Reviews

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