Review: Cookie Dough On-A-Stick and Deep-Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Kora’s Cookie Dough

This review is a two-fer because both items were similar, and one word can sum up our experience with both: bad. We don’t mean to knock down a brand new vendor so harshly, but we truly did not enjoy either item served up to us from their well-located booth just inside the Main Gate. Starting with the Cookie Dough On-A-Stick, the premise is very simple: three large hunks of safe-to-eat cookie dough, placed on a stick. There are five options for type of cookie dough; we opted for the classic chocolate chip. You also have the option to have your dough dipped in coating or topped with sprinkles or crushed peanuts, for an extra cost. If you feel that Sweet Martha’s cookies are too sugary, avoid this at all costs. We were greeted by dough that exudes sweetness to excess, with a gritty texture that we felt going straight to our teeth. The serving size was far too much for us to handle, as we were pretty quickly done with this experience, with no redeeming quality present.

Likewise, things did not improve much with the deep-fried version of their product either. The same dough is this time encased in what seemed to be a spring roll wrapper, dunked in frying oil, then topped with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce to up the calorie counter through the roof. These at least had something to mask the low-quality cookie dough, but they still were difficult to work our way through, with the poor chocolate sauce making matters worse. They are served three to an order, but we went searching for someone else to pawn off the last of the three as we just could not handle finishing it off.

The Cookie Dough On-A-Stick cost $5, while the Deep-Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough runs three for $7 or five for $10. No matter your price point, these are not worth having, even for the biggest sweet tooth. While it is a novel concept that basically defines Fair food, there are so many better options available around the Fairgrounds that these should be avoided at all costs.

Cookie Dough On-A-Stick:

Ratings (0-5):

  • Taste: 0
  • Appearance: 1
  • Novelty: 3
  • Value: 1

Overall Score: 5 out of 20 (Fried-Out Flop)

Deep-Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Ratings (0-5):

  • Taste: 1
  • Appearance: 2
  • Novelty: 2
  • Value: 0

Overall Score: 5 out of 20 (Fried-Out Flop)

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