Review: Fried Tacos On-A-Stick from Midtown Global Market’s Taco Cat

Full disclosure: we already loved Taco Cat for their outstanding year-round outpost in South Minneapolis. They consistently serve up some of the city’s most inventive tacos and burritos, so we couldn’t help but be excited for whatever they would bring to their return to the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Fortunately, they did not disappoint with these stunning deep-fried tacos.

Calling these tacos is a bit of a misnomer: these are truly closer to an empanada, filled with chorizo and potatoes (or black beans and corn if you opt for the two dollars cheaper vegetarian option), and drizzled with a guacamole salsa and crumbled cheese. This is a modern take on classic Fair food, dunked in frying oil and skewered for portability. The on-a-stick feature is mostly for show; they come served on a necessary boat as well, and the stick got in the way more than it was practical to eat from. Luckily, these avoid the pratfall of being too greasy that some foods that touch the deep fryer experience. The crust that surrounds the fillings was flaky and flavorful, and played well with the bright green guacamole. As for what resides inside the empanada, we were met by a peppery chorizo that was not overly spicy and diced potatoes that were well above your standard diner fare. All of this combines into a truly wonderful experience that we would happily order in a restaurant in addition to while on the Fairgrounds.

Less wonderful was the $12 price, among the more expensive options at the Fair and an outsized price for two medium sized tacos. One gets the sense that you’re paying a premium for the novelty this item provides, which unfortunately will drive some away from trying what is otherwise a superlative new food.

Ratings (0-5):

  • Taste: 4
  • Appearance: 4
  • Novelty: 4
  • Value: 1

Overall Score: 13 out of 20 (Fairly Fresh)

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