Fair News Round-Up — September 12th, 2018 Edition

This feature will run weekly during the Minnesota State Fair off-season and feature the best of news articles, blogs, social media posts and more about the Fair from across the internet. Have an interesting item we missed? Send it to us at fairlyunbalancedmn@gmail.com

Do you miss the Fair yet? It wrapped up for the 2018 year a little over a week ago, and while it’s nice to catch your breath a little bit, it’s hard not to wax nostalgic about all the fun that was had. This week’s slew of links will help you relive last year’s Fair, plus a look forward to what to expect next year. Here’s what the internet is saying about the Fair this week:

  • #LifeGoals: WCCO brings us the story of a LIFE-LONG FAIR FAN who at 97 years old has only missed two years of the Fair in her life. Definitely a record to aspire to for any Fair fan; I hope to be as energetic about the Fair as she is at her age.
  • You’ve probably heard by now that the Fair set an all-time attendance record this year, topping the 2 million visitors mark for the first time ever. The Star Tribune DIGS A LITTLE DEEPER into Fair attendance and analyzes how attendance numbers through history compare with Minnesota’s population. Spoiler alert: 2018 was not the year with the highest percentage of Minnesotans attending the Fair, but it’s close.
  • KARE examined all the WEIRD STUFF you can buy at the Fair. Be sure to check out their video and add some items to your shopping list for next year; there’s no shortage of cool stuff for sale at the Fair. I always seem to come home with some sort of unexpected purchase after each visit.
  • The Fair encompasses a lot of aspects of life, and POLITICS have always played a major role, especially during election years. The Star Tribune examines this phenomenon and how the Great Minnesota Get-Together can lead to citizens with vastly different backgrounds coalescing when they otherwise may not, sometimes with negative effects. Look for a wider examination into the role of politics at the Fair coming from Fairly Unbalanced later on.
  • Looking ahead to next year’s Fair, MPR’s Tim Nelson interviews Minnesota State Fair general manager Jerry Hammer about WHAT TO EXPECT from the Fair in the near future, including some details about a new performing arts space and exhibit hall in the works for next year. Keep an eye on future editions of the Fair News Round-Up as more information is made available about these and other projects at the Fairgrounds.
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