A Farewell to the Fair — and What to Expect from Fairly Unbalanced in Coming Months

Labor Day has come and gone, and the 2018 Minnesota State Fair has come to an end. This year’s Fair was the biggest and best edition yet, with a new overall record attendance that finally eclipsed the 2 million visitors mark, and a lot of big smiles on the faces of that record crowd. The end of each Fair is expected and marks the passing of the unofficial end of summer, and leaves many devotees with a melancholy feeling. I truly believe our state fair would not be as well-attended if Minnesotans were not keenly aware of the privilege of our summers compared with the darker winters. We make the most of each passing moment of summer, and the Fair is somewhat of a last hurrah that we can count on to squeeze out every last morsel of summer.

On a personal level, 2018 has been my favorite Fair to date, in large part because of this very website. I’ve been reviewing new foods and posting obsessively about the Fair on my personal social media accounts for several years now, with many of my friends pushing me to do “something more;” this website was my answer to those calls, and my only regret is that I did not do it sooner. To create something that could go beyond a status update about one of my greatest passions in life kept me very busy over the last 12 days, but also filled me with a lot of joy and made me look at the Fair in ways that I never had before. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response this site has received, and I am astonished by and truly grateful for the over 1,000 unique visitors who came by the site and read what I had to offer. I never dreamed of more than a hundred or so of my closest friends checking the site out; so many of you did an incredible job spreading the word to your friends and family, and I am in debt to you all for endorsing what I’m doing here and passing it along.

The end of the Fair does not mean this site will lay dormant until next August! As any Fair die-hard knows, there is news that breaks about the Fair year-round, and we hope to cover it all as we begin preparations for the 2019 Fair. We also will be continuing our seven-part Reinventing the Fairgrounds series and posting other features throughout the year that dive deep into the varied facets that all come together to make the Fair what it is. We also will highlight other non-Fair events that pop up on the calendar in the Twin Cities throughout the year that are similar to the Fair, and inform visitors about events held at the Fairgrounds during the rest of the year as well. Look for a cut back from daily posts to a few entries a week throughout the whole year, but generally more in-depth content contained within those articles. We’re really excited to see what the off-season will bring to this site, and we hope all of you are too; next year’s Fair is a long time away, but hopefully what we have planned will make it feel so much shorter!

If you haven’t already, please follow Fairly Unbalanced on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of what we have to offer each week leading up to the 2019 Minnesota State Fair!


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