Review: Cinna-Sugar Butter Waffle from Nordic Waffles

My first contact with Nordic Waffles a few days ago was a love-at-first-bite experience with their salmon offering that had me vowing to return to try more. Truthfully, if I had tried Nordic Waffles on day one of the Fair, I might have worked my way through all seven varieties of their waffle sandwiches on offer, especially if I had gotten there early before the crowds made their stand one of the busiest at the Fair. Instead, I had to settle for merely trying one from each category of their waffles: the savory salmon, and the sweet Cinna-Sugar Butter. Unequivocally, the cinnamon-heavy option is not as good as the salmon was, but still a stand-out in a surprisingly thin field of breakfast options at the Fair. Anyone who is a fan of the nordic specialty of lefse brushed with cinnamon, sugar and butter will find this flavor profile as warmly familiar. I could have used more of each spread across the waffle however; most of it sunk to the bottom of the folded-over waffle, and some even passed through cracks in the waffle and collected at the bottom of the paper wrapper the waffle is served in, leading to uneven bites that occasionally only consisted of waffle. This minor gripe should not dissuade consumers from trying this, though maybe venture for one of the other varieties at the stand first.

Ratings (0-4):

  • Taste: 3
  • Appearance: 2
  • Novelty: 3
  • Value: 2
  • Portability: 3

Overall Score: 13/20 (Fairly Fresh)

Categories 2018 Minnesota State Fair, Reviews

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