Fair News Round-Up — August 30th, 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Fairly Unbalanced Fair News Round-Up!

This feature will run daily during the Minnesota State Fair and feature the best of news articles, blogs, social media posts and more about the Fair from across the internet. Have an interesting item we missed? Send it to us at fairlyunbalancedmn@gmail.com

On a personal level, I’m itching to get back out to the Fair. Real life stood in the way of going since my visit last Saturday, and today is the last day away from the Fairgrounds for me. I’ll be back out there Friday and plan to be there most of the holiday weekend to close this year’s Fair out strong. Still so many things to see and do out there! Here’s what people have been discussing about the Fair online today:

  • The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a guide to all the NEW BEERS this year at the Fair; reviewing these beers is quickly becoming as anticipated as the new foods for many Fair-lovers. Check out what their reviewer has to say about the many, many new craft brews out there this year.
  • Part of what makes the Fair so endlessly interesting are the myriad of totally bizarre things on display that have been at the Fair for so long that regulars no longer second guess them. From Minnesota Public Radio comes the story of MONTY’S TRAVELING REPTILE SHOW, which is this year without Monty after his passing this spring. A huge barn, filled with reptiles, smack dab in the middle of the Fair; how can it get any weirder than that?
  • Another Fair curiosity is the time-honored tradition of carving our Dairy Princesses in blocks of butter, but as City Pages points out, this practice is NOT SO EASY TO EXPLAIN to non-Minnesotans, and can be fodder for them to mock our Midwestern sensibilities. I think the rest of the world is just jealous their royalty isn’t sculpted with butter.
  • City Pages forced writer Ryan Warner to attend ALL 12 GRANDSTAND CONCERTS at this year’s Fair, in some sort of sick and twisted endurance test. While some of the shows so far have been pretty good, I can’t imagine how mind-numbing attending all of them would be, and it seems to be having that effect based on Warner’s diary-style postings thus far.
  • Is the waitlist to get your company into the Fair really years long? Not if you are SELLING THE RIGHT PRODUCT, according to the Star Tribune, in an article that explores how the Fair chooses their non-food vendors.
  • If you’ve visited the barns during the Fair, you’ve undoubtedly seen the State Fair Mounted Patrol, the VOLUNTEER FORCE that assists Fairgoers and helps guide in large trailers loading and unloading new animals into the buildings, profiled by the Star Tribune in a fascinating article.
  • Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern tried a truly bizarre food: the new RAINBOW CLOUD ROLL, the colorful combination of cotton candy, ice cream and Fruity Pebbles, and he liked it! That’s all the endorsement I need to make sure I give it a try before the Fair is out.
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