Fair News Round-Up — August 29th, 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Fairly Unbalanced Fair News Round-Up!

This feature will run daily during the Minnesota State Fair and feature the best of news articles, blogs, social media posts and more about the Fair from across the internet. Have an interesting item we missed? Send it to us at fairlyunbalancedmn@gmail.com

The Fair is past the halfway mark, and about to enter the home stretch for this year. Unfortunately, weather has been the overarching theme of the Fair this year, though the conditions haven’t scared away many Fairgoers. Through Monday’s attendance figures, the Fair remained ahead of last year’s record-setting pace, and a strong finish to the Fair could show the newly-set mark already surpassed. As of now, over three quarters of a million people have passed through the gates, a number that will grow drastically during the busier back half. Here’s what people have been discussing about the Fair online today:

  • Most of the links so far in these Round-Ups have been local press, but now here’s some MAJOR NATIONAL ATTENTION for our Fair, appearing in the Style section of the New York Times. Surprisingly for a national article, the write-up is pretty solid, and portrays us positively, though perhaps a little curiously.
  • Back to the local press: Twin Cities Business highlights the burgeoning Midtown Global Market stand inside the International Bazaar for its UNIQUE ARRANGEMENT of sharing the space among two vendors across each half of the Fair. The article is well-timed, as Taco Cat’s six day run comes to an end and Mama D’s takes over today, bringing with them their hotly-anticipated BBQ Split.
  • The Star Tribune decided to GPS track THREE FAMILIES’ ROUTES around the Fairgrounds, complete with Family Circus-style maps and descriptions of the route they took and why. I think if they tracked me, my route would zig-zag way more than these and make far less sense.
  • The Midway Men’s Club serves up some of the cheapest food and coldest beers at the Fair, and as the St. Paul Pioneer Press points out, they serve them WITH A PURPOSE as well. This often passed by stand is definitely worthy of a closer look on your next visit to the Fair.
  • The Star Tribune has a somewhat self-serving, somewhat meta article about how their food critic RICK NELSON CREATES his annual new Fair food review article by eating his way through the Fair on Opening Day. I prefer a more ambling pace and a realization that I won’t possibly hit all the new foods in one day, but that I will return; still, I can’t help but admire Nelson’s dedication.
  • Star Tribune music critic Jon Bream offers up a review of Monday’s SOLD-OUT GRANDSTAND SHOW from The Beach Boys (albeit minus Brian Wilson). Incredible that after 50+ years of existence, they can still fill the Grandstand on a Monday night.
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