Review: Firecracker Shrimp Stuffed Avocado from The Hideaway Speakeasy

For whatever reason, this year’s batch of new Fair foods brought a wave of seafood options, including the already reviewed Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl. Seafood does not come to mind when I think of classic Fair food, nor does it seem like a great idea on the hot and humid days the Fair is known for. However, like the wonderful poke bowl that Cafe Caribe offered up, when the execution is this good, preconceived notions of seafood at the Great Minnesota Get-Together can be subverted. In its sophomore year at the Fair, the Hideaway Speakeasy is quickly making a name for itself among the luminaries with more established presences. Creating must-have destination items is essential with their location in a corner of the often-forgotten second level of the Grandstand building, requiring a trek up an impossibly long ramp or climbing numerous stairs on already Fair-weary legs (or take the elevator, but that’s cheating unless medically necessary). Everything on display with this appetizer-sized portion is fresh and flavorful, starting with the large shrimp, devoid of any unpleasant fishy taste. The avocados were perfectly ripe and fans of the green stuff will love this dish just to get their fix of the superfood. Between the shrimp and the avocado sits a mix of black beans, corn and diced tomato, and while they add some depth to the dish, they are merely playing supporting roles to the two named stars of the show. While a fork to dig in would have been just fine, Hideaway smartly provides crisp crackers as well, allowing you to scoop it all up for a delicious bite. What isn’t so delicious is the perhaps expected high price point at $14, unsurprising with both shrimp and avocado on the menu. Whether that is worth it to you is up to your love for the two ingredients, or better yet, share this appetizer with a friend (who is willing to go dutch, of course).

Ratings (0-4):

  • Taste: 4
  • Appearance: 4
  • Novelty: 2
  • Value: 1
  • Portability: 0

Overall Score: 11/20 (Fairly Fresh)

Categories 2018 Minnesota State Fair, Reviews

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