Fair News Round-Up — August 26th, 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Fairly Unbalanced Fair News Round-Up!

This feature will run daily during the Minnesota State Fair and feature the best of news articles, blogs, social media posts and more about the Fair from across the internet. Have an interesting item we missed? Send it to us at fairlyunbalancedmn@gmail.com

Saturday was a characteristically busy day at the Fair, as most people’s desire to go to the Fair finally lines up with their availability. Today should prove to be a busy one too, though the threat of rain might scare some people off. Here’s what people have been discussing about the Fair online today:

  • State Fair proposals are nothing new, but KARE 11 brings us a story of a unique one: in the CHEESE CURD LINE. Definitely a moment the couple will never forget, and probably memorable for about a thousand onlookers as well.
  • The Star Tribune has a beautiful feature up online about FARM ANIMALS at the Fair and the kids who exhibit them. The barns at the Fair are some of the oldest structures on the Fairgrounds, and the roots of what built the Fair into what we have today. A lot of great photos in this incredible gallery that provide an intimate look into an often overlooked side of the Fair.
  • Speaking of AMAZING FAIR PHOTOGRAPHY, I’ve been remiss in not mentioning My Pronto Pup, the fantastic website that photographer and Fair enthusiast Brian Lebakken has maintained for ten years now. His site is one of the first I ever found purely dedicated to the Minnesota State Fair, and a huge inspiration for this very site.
  • Politics and the Fair go together like Sweet Martha’s cookies and all-you-can-drink milk. The Star Tribune goes into detail of what’s going down POLITICALLY AT THE FAIR this year.
  • KSTP explores the CRAFT BEER BOOM at the Fair and what that has meant for breweries, their fans, and the Fair itself.
  • Humorist James Lileks has some DUBIOUSLY SOURCED FAIR FACTS to offer us, Q&A style. You might not want to pass along these nuggets of info to strangers who ask at the Fairgrounds.
  • It looks like there’s no formal review of last night’s Grandstand show with Trampled By Turtles from Star Tribune music critic Chris Reimenschneider, but he did tweet out an INCREDIBLE VIDEO of the nearly sold-out crowd singing along to “Alone.” My voice is one of the thousands you hear, as I was belting out the lyrics from high upon my perch near the top of the Grandstand. I haven’t seen that many people there for a show in several years, great to see Minnesotans turn out in full force to support Minnesota music!
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