Review: That’s S’more Like It Malt from The Dairy Goodness Bar

Who offers the best ice cream malts at the Fair? The debate between three solid contenders is fierce: the venerable Kiwani’s Malt stand next to the Fine Arts building,the Gopher Dairy Bar outside the Cow Barn, and the Dairy Goodness Bar inside the Dairy Building. Picking one is like picking a favorite child; they’re all so good in so many ways. However, lately the Dairy Goodness Bar has set itself apart from the pack by offering a one-year-only “Flavor of the Fair,” lasting 12 days and then disappearing forever. Each year’s flavor is selected by an online vote between three options conducted in April. This year’s winner is the affirmatively named That’s S’more Like It, a vanilla malt with chocolate syrup, graham cracker cereal squares and mini-marshmallows. If you loved the unhealthy breakfast cereals as a kid, this is the malt for you. The vanilla malt combining with the cereal squares and Lucky Charms-style marshmallows results in a taste similar to a scoop from a big bowl of cereal (bonus points if you used to drizzle Hershey’s syrup over your cereal, I guess). My only complaint here is the ingredients could have been better mixed into the cup; after the first third of the malt, no more graham or marshmallow remains, leaving you with just the superlative vanilla malt. At $6, the price is a little high for a 12 oz. malt.

Ratings (0-4):

  • Taste: 3
  • Appearance: 3
  • Novelty: 4
  • Value: 2
  • Portability: 4

Overall Score: 16 (Blue Ribbon Best)

Categories 2018 Minnesota State Fair, Reviews

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