Review: Vanilla Cream Cold Brew from The Anchor Coffee House

The Anchor Coffee House is a new vendor to the Fair this year, but their stand, located right outside the former Ramberg Senior Center (now re-branded as Ramberg Music Cafe), operates with the efficiency of seasoned veterans. Maybe the attentive staff are energized by their own potent coffee; all Fairgoers will hit a wall during their day of excess, and The Anchor is here to give you liquid second wind. Their cold brew is available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel varieties; hot coffee options are also available, along with a giant banana chocolate chip muffin and Stroopwafels. I opted for the Vanilla variety, and was greeted with a smooth and refreshing cold brew that gave me a needed pick-me-up after arriving at the Fairgrounds before sunrise. At $7 for 16 ounces and filled with large ice cubes, a lack of value is the biggest detractor here.

Ratings (0-4 scale):

  • Taste: 4
  • Appearance: 2
  • Novelty: 2
  • Value: 0
  • Portability: 4

Overall Score: 12/20 (Fairly Fresh)

Categories 2018 Minnesota State Fair, Reviews

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