Review: Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly from The Hangar

I was dubious of this item from the start, as I generally don’t like pork belly, and have run into some poor versions of it at Fairs past. However, this version stood clearly above the rest, due in large part to the generous and thick slabs of bacon that encase this girthy piece of pork belly. This is not to say the pork belly is incapable of standing out on its own; the piece I had was flavorful, juicy and cooked to the proper amount of crispness. It is rather one-note in flavor though, especially as you work your way through to the end of the slab. Some sort of accompanying sauce would benefit this item greatly, and at a $12 price point, a supporting sauce would add needed value. This is also not a pretty item: a dark slab of meat, skewered on a stick, what you see is what you get. If you’re in desperate need for a protein-heavy meal, the Hangar has your back.

Ratings (0-4):

  • Taste: 2
  • Appearance: 1
  • Novelty: 2
  • Value: 0
  • Portability: 3

Overall Score: 8 (Better Luck Next Year)

Categories 2018 Minnesota State Fair, Reviews

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