New for 2018: The Hangar and Pet Pavilions

The biggest new change at the Fairgrounds this year is a complete reworking of the northern most end, atop Machinery Hill. A brand new, open-sided Pet Pavilion building has been constructed, retaining a trailer for live Pet Surgery (our Fair is weird) and placing the booths for rotating breeds of dogs on display throughout the Fair in a less cramped space. Vendors specializing in pet products are now in an adjacent temporary tent alongside the new structure.

The relocation of the pets to their new space leaves the former Pet Center next door, and that has been reworked into a gigantic new food, craft beer and live music hub called The Hangar, an allusion to the building’s original purpose as an airplane hangar for the long-gone air shows that once were conducted for crowds at the Grandstand.

I had a brief conversation with The Hangar’s owner as he prepped to begin the establishment’s landmark first day of business. He said he was excited to bring more of a nightlife atmosphere to the sleepy Machinery Hill area, and judging by the look of what they’ve done with the building, The Hangar should be successful. The flashing lights and sharp paint job draws visitors in, as does the numerous garage door openings that give the structure a wide-open feel. A dedicated stage area is smartly placed just inside of a large patio area, and strategically next to a large bar.

The food options are centered around three different flights of sliders, three sandwiches to a flight with varying toppings, competitively priced at $10. Too early to give them a try yet, but look for my review later on.

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