What to Expect for the 2018 Minnesota State Fair

Get ready!

Launching this website on the eve of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair is a little bit like starting a new football site on the day before the Super Bowl. While Fairly Unbalanced will feature content year-round (because frankly, I’m thinking about the Fair year-round), the Main Event is the twelve final days of summer in Minnesota that always culminates in Labor Day. Here is what to expect from Fairly Unbalanced over the duration of the Fair!

  • 2018 New Food and Beverages Reviews

    • Over the last handful of Fairs, I have been extensively reviewing each year’s class of new foods and beverages from the intrepid vendors of the Fair. While the Fair is brimming full of timeless favorites that are sure-bet once a year staples, new offerings are vying for your attention and your dollar. I will be trying as many of these new items as possible and giving you my opinion in real-time as the Fair progresses. Look for a separate post on this site later today outlining the criteria I will use in assessing each item.

  • Daily Schedule Highlights

    • Getting to the Fair is just the first step; now you need to know what to do while you’re there! The official daily schedules released by the Minnesota State Fair, while comprehensive, are daunting with their myriad of options. Each night, look for my highlights for the following day of the Fair, which looks to narrow down the schedule to the best of the best, including descriptions in brief of the events to help you plan out the perfect day.

  • Daily Fair News Round-Ups

    • Over each of the next 12 days of the Fair, I will be combing the news media, blogs and other sources for interesting articles detailing the Fair experience and covering the stories occurring everyday at the Fairgrounds. The Fair in the 21st century is a connected web of people sharing what makes our Fair the best in the country, and I hope to bring you the best from the cavalcade of accounts.

There will likely be other surprises beyond these three regular categories of posts as well as the Fair continues. Stay tuned to Fairly Unbalanced as we endeavor to cover all aspects of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair!

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4 thoughts on “What to Expect for the 2018 Minnesota State Fair

  1. Janet (Denenny) Linkert August 24, 2018 — 7:29 am

    Looking forward to tapping into the things you offer here Ryan, during the three times I get there this year (I know… never enough… but… reality… $$$). Anyway, thanks for all the hard work on this – I can already tell it’s a labor of love! Also, I plan to point my Minnesota cousin, who happens to live in Nebraska the last 20 years but who is coming for the Fair this year to this site/blog in hopes it will be one more resource for her and her husband as they take on the Fair without me (they picked a day to go that is incompatible with my schedule, unfortunately!).

    Enjoy it all!!


    1. Thank you for checking out the site! Enjoy your time at the Fair!


  2. Beautiful blog Ryan!


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